Bolus Type Tablet Machine 

The tablet press is constructed with a robust structure, comprising of four sturdy pillars and three plates, dividing it into two compartments to minimize powder ingress. The top compartment houses the operational areas, while the bottom compartment contains control features such as depth of fill adjustment, ejection adjustment, electric motor, and any pulleys. Accessibility and maintenance are facilitated through acrylic doors on the top area and stainless-steel sheets on the bottom area. The machine is mounted on anti-vibration mounts to dampen operational vibrations. The tablet press is designed to be as compact as possible, conforming to the specified dimensions.


  • Stations: 8 to 12 Stations with Bolus Tooling
  • Number of Tablets/Hour: 5,760 to 15,840
  • Max. Tablet Diameter: 30 mm

Key Features:

  1. Fully compliant with GMP standards.
  2. The compression zone is enclosed with acrylic guards to dampen noise and prevent dust ingress.
  3. Capable of generating a compaction load of up to 12 tons.
  4. The top roller is fixed, while the bottom rollers are movable, providing a cushioning effect on the tablet through a spring-loaded assembly.
  5. Rollers are of suitable diameter to provide sufficient dwell time.
  6. Control and adjustable knobs are easily accessible.
  7. The feed frame is designed to prevent spillage or leakage.
  8. A hopper with a lid is provided to prevent fine particles from contaminating the room air.
  9. The turret, the heart of the machine, is made from machinist grade casting with brined hardness for durability. It has key slots to accommodate shaped punches, and all turret stations are numbered for easy identification.
  10. Mechanical arrangements for tool changing and fixing are incorporated, with the tool changing position located away from the feed frame zone.
  11. All parts and accessories are easily accessible, maintainable, and replaceable.
  12. Equipped with safety features for emergency stop.
  13. All hydraulic tubes are securely fixed to prevent leakages.