Capsule Loading

The capsule loader is ideal for medium or large-scale pharmaceutical companies, and is time-saving and easy to operate. The automatic capsule loader machine is compact and ensures a higher production as well as a higher standard of accuracy. The main advantage of this loader is that it automatically loads empty capsules in the loading plate for the manually operated capsule filling machine. While it usually takes 5 minutes to manually load empty capsules in 300 holes in the capsule filling machine, the automatic capsule loader does this task in 28 seconds. It can supply filled loading plates to 2-3 capsule filling machines, thus cutting down time. In this way, the capsule loader both, increases production, and reduces the number of operators required.

By filling a 300-hole plate in 28 seconds, the capsule loader produces an output of 27,000 capsules per hour. The machine offers interchangeability, and is suited for 00/0/1/2/3 and 4/5 capsule sizes. The machine calls for low investment while offering a high output, making a significant difference in the production department. The machine is simple to operate and can be handled by a semi-skilled person. There is no setting system for any change part.