Coating Pan

The Coating Pan is tailored for pharmaceutical and chemical industries to coat tablets as per the clients requirements.

Coating Pan are available from 24" to 60" with a capacity range of 55 to 210 Kgs. 


1. Pan Design: Crafted from SS 316/204, our semi-ellipsoidal pan ensures durability and efficiency in tablet coating. Featuring a circular mouth for seamless tablet charging and discharging, the pan is inclined at 45° to the horizontal.

2. Mounting: The pan is securely mounted on the gearing housing fitted in the stand, offering reliability in every operation. The blower, conveniently placed by the side of the stand, can be positioned remotely if needed.

5. Finish: Designed for pharmaceutical standards, all joints are meticulously arc-welded. SS components exhibit a polished finish, meeting the hygiene requirements of pharmaceutical equipment. Any MS parts are flawlessly coated for a smooth exterior.