Double Cone Blender 

The Double Cone Blender is a powerhouse of efficiency and versatility for seamlessly blending dry powders and granules. Ideal for pharmaceuticals, food, chemicals, cosmetics, and more, this machine stands out for its exceptional mixing capabilities.

Key Features:

1. Premium Construction: Crafted from SS 316, the blender ensures durability and reliability. Mounted on an SS 304 stand, it guarantees stability during operation.

2. Precision Mixing: The mixing vessel features sliding angular blades, meticulously positioned for efficient blending of powders, allowing for the harmonious integration of various materials.

3. Innovative Design: The machine comprises a cylindrical shell with two conical frustums, equipped with strategically placed openings for charging and discharging. The butterfly valve facilitates smooth material discharge.

4. Robust Structure: Mounted on a sturdy stand with bearing blocks and driven by a gearbox coupled with a motor, this blender is built for enduring performance.

5. User-Friendly Panel: The SS 304 panel boasts three-phase indication, DOL starter, digital timer, and a limit switch, providing convenient control and monitoring for enhanced operational efficiency.

6. Exceptional Finish: All joints are meticulously argon arc welded, ground, and polished to achieve a mirror-finish on the inside and a sleek matt-finish on the outside, ensuring both functionality and aesthetics.

7. Safety First: The machine is equipped with safety guards made from SS 304 pipes, strategically located at the front, featuring a limit switch for added protection.