Dust Extractor 

The dust extractor is engineered for quality dust control in pharmaceutical operations while prioritizing efficiency and safety. 

Designed to excel in critical processes such as tablet compression, dedusting, and granulation, our extractor ensures meticulous removal of excess powder, guaranteeing the production of pristine, dust-free end-products. 

Crafted from premium SS 304 sheet material, with meticulous welding and finishing, our extractor boasts unparalleled durability and hygiene standards. The motor, seamlessly integrated into the structure via MS plates, is effortlessly activated by a DOL starter for smooth operation.

The extractor features an expansive dust storage capacity of 0.75 cubic feet, ensuring prolonged operation without interruption. With a filter area options of either 9 or 12 square feet, our unit offers versatile filtration capabilities tailored to your specific needs. 

Harnessing a powerful fan volume of either 150 or 300 cfm, our extractor efficiently captures and conveys dust particles to the designated filtration system, safeguarding both personnel and the facility at large. 

The unit's innovative design includes a strategically positioned expansion chamber for gravitational deposition of heavier particles, while finer dust is efficiently captured by the four meticulously crafted filter bags. 

Air purification is achieved through a controlled shaking mechanism, directing purified air back into the environment through a perforated sheet, while collected dust is conveniently stored in an easily accessible drawer for disposal or potential reuse. 

Elevate your pharmaceutical operations with our advanced dust extractor, delivering unparalleled performance, reliability, and peace of mind.