Tablet Deduster - Elevatory Type 

The tablet deduster cleans the tablets coming out of the tablet punching machine or press.  Tablet punching leads to the formation of “burrs,” – edges that are formed due the clearance between the punch and die. These burrs make the tablet uneven in size, preventing blister packing and hindering the proper sealing of aluminium foil. Burrs are also dislocated in blister packed products and hence affect their aesthetic look. Tablet dedusting machines prevent these issues by cleaning excess dust off tablets. 

The machine has three salient functions - de-dusting of tablets, cleaning of tablets through compressed air, and upward movement of tablets. When equipped with the tablet press, the tablet deduster not only allows fine de-dusting of tablets but also the upward movement of tablets with the auto-removal of dust. 

Key Features:

  1. Noiseless and maintenance-free unit 
  2. Requires less electric power than other machines
  3. All the contact parts are made of stainless steel 316 and the components can be easily washed and/or sterilized 
  4. Works on the principle of vibration which causes an elevating movement of the tablets 
  5. All the seals in powder contact are supplied in food-grade non-toxic white rubber or white silicon rubber