Fluid Bed Dryer 

The Fluid Bed Dryer is a cutting-edge solution designed for the precise drying of granular, crystalline, coarse, and similar materials in pharmaceuticals, fine chemicals, and food industries. Ideal for drying wet granules during tablet granulation, this machine sets the standard for efficiency and reliability.

The dryers are available in a Batch Capacity of 15 to 950 litres and Dryer Capacity 5 to 320 kgs.


1. Efficient Drying Process: The Fluid Bed Dryer introduces a hot air stream at the base of the container filled with the material to be dried. A blower induces a draft, drawing in fresh air heated through electrical heaters, steam, or thermal fluid heaters. The resulting hot air stream fluidizes the material bed, creating optimal conditions for fast and uniform drying.

2. Fluidization Technology: Fluidization, a phenomenon where solid particles move in a fully agitated state, enhances heat transfer as each particle is surrounded by hot air. This ensures high and uniform heat transfer, resulting in rapid and efficient drying without significant heat loss. The machine's filter bags effectively contain particles, preventing any escape from the dryer.

Key Features:

1. Product Container: The conical-shaped product container, situated on a trolley, features a top flange and an SS 316 sieve supported by an air-distributor plate at the bottom. Pneumatic cylinders lift and lock the container against the expansion chamber, providing a secure seal.

2. Expansion Chamber: Cylindrical in shape with a flange at the bottom end, the expansion chamber facilitates the lifting of the product during the fluidization process.

3. Filter Bag Chamber: Cylindrical in shape with a flange at the bottom and a dish on the top, the chamber houses filter bags connected to a pneumatic filter bag shaking device mechanism. An excess pressure flap prevents accidental excess pressure in the FBD.

4. Air Handling Unit: The rear chamber of the machine features filters and a blower for heating. Inlet air filters trap dirt and particles, while an air damper, operated by a pneumatic cylinder, ensures proper airflow. A solid flow monitor option can be installed for additional safety.

5. Uniform Lifting Mechanism: The product container is lifted by a centrally fitted pneumatic cylinder, ensuring uniform lifting across the container's periphery. This guarantees consistent upward pressure on the solid D-shaped food-grade silicon gasket, preventing air leakage during operation.

6. Explosion Vent: A vent connection from the retarding chamber expels inflammable solvent vapors and hot air in case of an explosion or excess pressure. A rupture disc in the explosion vent adds an extra layer of safety.

7. Earthing Device: An earth circuit relay ensures the blower won't start unless the product container and expansion chamber are properly earthed.