High-Speed Tablet Compression Machine

High-Speed Tablet Compression Machine with 45 STN DB Tooling:

Key Features: 

  1. Square GMP model constructed with special-grade iron casting for durability.
  2. Features imported needle roller bearings at the bottom of the turret for smooth operation.
  3. Fully enclosed design with stainless steel and acrylic covers for the top half (compression zone) and stainless steel covers for the lower half, minimizing noise and preventing cross-contamination.
  4. Equipped with upper punch penetration system, centrally driven 'D' tooling gearbox, motorized lubrication system, and anti-vibration mount.
  5. Lower guard crafted from matt/buffed stainless steel, while upper guards are made of acrylic material with sturdy stainless steel frames, interlocked for safety.
  6. Double-sided lifting cams (tunnel shape) designed specifically for capsule shape punches, with an optional hand wheel for easy loading of punch die sets.
  7. Features effective dust extraction nozzles and system, along with reverse direction movement protection to prevent accidents.


  1. High output capacity of up to 160,000 tablets/hr with pre-compression.
  2. Compliance with CGMP norms.
  3. Easy accessibility for quick cleaning and product changeover.
  4. Precise weight control and fine-tuning of all tablet parameters during operation.
  5. Safety interlocking for upper guards ensures operator safety.
  6. Very low noise level for enhanced working conditions.
  7. Maintains hygienic production standards.
  8. Bottom-driven gearbox for efficient performance.
  9. Optional force feeder available upon request.