Mass Mixer

The Mass Mixer is designed for different industries such as pharmaceuticals, chemicals, dyestuffs, food and beverages, and automobiles. Ideal for both wet and dry materials, especially tablet granulation, this machine redefines precision in mixing processes.

Mass Mixers have a capacity range of 25 to 500 Kgs.

Key Features:

1. Versatile Application: Tailored for pharmaceuticals, chemicals, dyestuffs, and more, our Mass Mixer adeptly blends wet and dry materials, making it indispensable for tablet granulation.

2. Innovative Mixing Design:The horizontal positioning of the mixing stirrer within the container, featuring a single-speed rotation, ensures meticulous blending of both dry and wet materials. Its unique design facilitates uniform mixing, even for sticky or challenging-to-blend ingredients.


1. Mixing Drum: Crafted with precision, the mixing drum comprises a body, mixing paddle, and a sealing arrangement. Mounted on a robust MS fabricated body, it houses a motor, gearbox, starter, and tilting mechanism. Paddle-like blades enable efficient granulation, complemented by a leak-proof seal tilting arrangement.

2. Acrylic Cover: A transparent poly-carbonate dust cover allows continuous monitoring of the mixing process. Hinged for easy access, it permits material addition even while the mixer is in operation.

3. Tilting Device: Facilitating effortless material unloading and cleaning, the tilting device enhances operational convenience.

4. Sealing Arrangement: A self-adjusting sealing mechanism prevents the entry of contaminants into the mixing drum, ensuring product purity. Regular maintenance, including cleaning and readjustment of pressure springs, is facilitated.

5. Safety Measures: Equipped with a safety switch, the machine halts immediately upon opening the cover lid, prioritizing operator safety. An interlocking system prevents accidental starts until the container is securely closed.

6. Lubrication: Designed with user convenience in mind, the machine incorporates a lubrication provision for all moving parts, ensuring smooth operation without any contact with the powder.