Octagonal Blender 

The Octagonal Blender is designed for optimal blending in pharmaceutical, chemical, and food industries. Crafted from SS 316, its polygon-shaped body features a rectangular central portion and polygon frustum at the top and bottom, providing a robust structure for seamless blending.

Key Features:

1. Baffle Design: Swivel-type SS 316 baffles inside the shell ensure fast and effective blending of products.

2. Drive Mechanism: Powered by a high-performance, 3-phase, 415 V, 1440 RPM TEFC electric motor coupled with a proportioned gearbox and chain drive, achieving precise blending at 6 to 10 RPM.

3. Sturdy Mounting: Supported by two A-shaped rigid fabricated bodies, ensuring stability and centralization of the octagon. The driving shaft is securely mounted on a plumber-bearing box, covered with protective SS 304.

4. Safety First: Equipped with an SS 304 square pipe and safety guard, along with a limit switch arrangement to prevent accidental starts when the operator is working or when the railing is not in position.

5. Efficient Charge/Discharge: The blender features a circular opening with an SS 316 butterfly valve and a conical adapter for easy charging. Operate the valve from ground level through a mechanical arrangement when the charging drum is raised, facilitating smooth charge and discharge.

6. User-Friendly Control Panel: The SS 304 control panel includes electrical push buttons, on/off switches, hinging operation, MCB, and overload relay setting timer, offering convenient control and monitoring.