Packing Conveyor

The Packing Conveyor Unit is designed to streamline your packaging processes. The conveyor features an SS 304 table top with a dynamic endless sandwich belt at its core. The table top is securely fixed to the belt, constructed from an SS 304 square pipe, and supported on adjustable bolts for optimal stability.

Key Features:

1. Ample Working Space: The table top offers 12 inches of working space on either side of the conveyor belt, providing an ideal area for final visual inspection and packing.

2. High-Performance Endless Belt: The endless belt, with a standard width of 9 inches. This ensures smooth and efficient operation for your packaging needs.

3. Sturdy Construction: The conveyor unit incorporates a built-in reduction gearbox, driven by a sprocket and chain with jockey support. This mechanism provides the necessary tension to prevent belt sagging, enhancing the overall durability and reliability of the unit. Nylon bushes underneath further contribute to the unit's stability.