Single Punch Nanopress Tablet Machine 

Single Punch Tablet Machine, meticulously crafted with advanced technology to cater to research and development needs across various industries including pharmaceuticals, chemicals, electrical, and foodstuff.

However, please note that it is not suitable for tabletting semi-solid grains, damp grains, materials with low flow points, easily dampened materials, and non-granular powders.


  1. Robust construction with a compact footprint, ensuring ease of operation.
  2. High utilization efficiency ratio for optimal productivity.
  3. Delivers high pressure application to minimize tablet weight variation while maintaining low noise levels.
  4. Boasts a compression force of 10 tons and a maximum depth of fill of 12 mm.
  5. Offers continuous control over raw material loading and tablet thickness.
  6. Built in compliance with GMP standards, suitable for pharmaceutical research institutions, R&D departments, and hospital pharmaceutical rooms.

Salient Features:

  1. Incorporates multiple innovative features for enhanced safety and efficiency during production.
  2. Utilizes cutting-edge technologies to ensure safety and standardization.
  3. Highly sealed structure prevents powder cross-contamination, meeting GMP requirements.
  4. Equipped with safety protection devices and designed with humanization in mind.
  5. Optional acrylic doors for added safety protection.
  6. Sturdy and compact design provides ample operation space.
  7. Exceptional bearing capacity enables versatile applications.
  8. Single transmission system design ensures steady operation and reduced noise levels.
  9. Main components include the main transmission mechanism, pressing mechanism, and optional electronic control section.