Single Stroke Tableting Machine 

This is a robust, power-driven tablet machine with a single stroke. The machine's body is a single piece of rigid cast iron. The main shaft is powered by an appropriately sized electric motor, positioned at the rear of the machine. The drive is facilitated through a pulley, and the machine is equipped with a high-efficiency cam drive. The main shaft operates within a cast iron bearing.

The machine features an automatic and adjustable pressure release mechanism, providing protection against the application of excessive machine pressure. The overload pressure release is connected to the lower punch and is activated through a lever and a pre-loaded compression spring located at the bottom of the body.

The machine is equipped with a removable stainless steel hopper, complete with a lid, shut-off slide, and an adjustable tablet tray.

Adjustments: All adjustments to the machine, including the fitting of punches and dies, are straightforward. Variations in pressure, tablet weight, and output can be made while the machine is running. A hand wheel is provided for manually turning the machine, allowing all machine adjustments to be checked before the power is switched on.

The machine come with light duty and heavy-duty options. 


  • Max Pressure: 10-12 for Light Duty and 15-20 for Heavy Duty
  • Max. Depth of Fill: 30 mm for Light Duty and 50 mm for Heavy Duty
  • Speed: Approx. 35 strokes per minute