Electronic Counting Machine

The Electronic tablet counting machine is built from SS 304 sheets for utmost durability and hygiene standards.

Tablets/Capsules are seamlessly fed into the charging hopper and conveyed by a built-in vibrator. They journey through a stainless-steel path, guided by an optical sensor that communicates with a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) mounted on the machine. The PLC directs the desired tablet count and activates the magnetic coil, facilitating a smooth flow of tablets into containers.

The hopper is adjustable to accommodate varying tablet or capsule sizes and flow capacities, ensuring precise placement into containers. A speed regulator enables fine-tuning of tablet/capsule flow, maintaining a uniform pattern and preventing overlap to guarantee accurate counting.

Built for reliability and compliance, all contact parts are constructed from SS 316, while non-contact parts are fashioned from SS 304, ensuring hygiene and longevity. Experience seamless tablet counting and filling with our cutting-edge machine.