Tray Dryer 

The Tray Dryer is engineered for a wide range of applications in pharmaceutical, food, chemical, paint, textile, and various other industries. This efficient dryer is designed to economically dry granules, powders, food materials, and chemicals.

Key Features:

1. Enclosed Insulated Chamber: The tray dryer features an enclosed insulated chamber where trays are strategically placed in trolleys for efficient drying. The rack can be directly welded to the machine’s body, enhancing stability.

2. Heat Transfer Mechanism: The material to be dried, whether solid or wet, is arranged on the trays. The circulation of hot air, facilitated by electric heaters or steam in radiator coils, ensures optimal heat transfer. Blower fans inside the dryer guarantee proper circulation.

3. Construction Options: Available in mild steel or combinations of SS 316 and SS 304, SS 304 and SS 304, and SS 304 and MS for internal and external components, offering flexibility to suit diverse requirements.

4. Sturdy Build: Constructed from 14 swg/16 swg SS 304 sheets internally and 16 swg/18 swg externally, the tray dryer is meticulously buffed with a 150-grit matt finish externally and a 220-grit mirror finish internally. The fully welded internal structure ensures smooth surfaces.

5. Insulation: Double walls are insulated with 50mm thick glass wool to prevent heat loss.

6. Durable Doors: External doors are made of SS 304, while internal ones are crafted from SS 216/SS 304, featuring lockable heavy-duty air-tight hinges.

7. Efficient Trolley System: An SS 316/SS 304 heavy-duty trolley accommodates trays, designed to allow proper hot air circulation. Fitted with moveable and fixed castor wheels for easy mobility.

8. Quality Trays: Trays are available in SS 304/SS 316 quality, featuring coved corners and a mirror finish inside and outside.

9. Heating Options: Electrically heated with the option of steam circulation.

10. Effective Air Circulation: A re-circulation blower inside the dryer ensures uniform air circulation for optimum drying. Filters, a 5-micron filter at the inlet, and a blower assembly are incorporated.

11. Adjustable Damper: A manually adjustable damper at the outlet allows precise control.