Tablet Deduster - Vibratory Type 

The tablet deduster cleans the tablets coming out of the tablet punching machine or press. Tablet punching leads to the formation of “burrs”, which are edges formed due to the clearance between the punch and die. These burrs make the tablet uneven in size, preventing blister packing and hindering the proper sealing of aluminium foil. Tablet dedusting machines prevent this by cleaning excess dust off tablets before they are packed. The vibratory type tablet deduster machine cleans tablets with the help of a vibratory deduster, one port of which is connected to a suitable suction device.

The machine controls the fine dust generated during the high-speed compression of tablets. Its dynamically balanced blower fan ensures that the noise produced is minimal. The machine’s inlet manifolds and dust collection trays are made of stainless steel. The machine is easy to maintain and operate. Its easily changeable parts facilitate smooth cleaning and fitted castor wheels ensure easy manoeuvrability.

Key Features:

1. Noiseless and maintenance-free unit

2. Requires less electric power than other machines

3. The height adjustment facility provided with the unit makes it suitable for any rotary tableting machine

4. Contact parts are made of stainless steel and are easy to wash and sterilize

5. Geometric design of tablet conveying route is designed for impingement of tablet on burrs, breaking them in the process

6. Efficient de-burring and de-dusting

7. The suction output is concentrated on the de-dusting zone for flushing out powder